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Mass Website Update and Catalina Support and others

A summary of what I’m doing lately

Catalina Support

All Roseverte Games on Steam has been updated to work with Mac OS Catalina. There are some issue with Cafe 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ and Duplicity though, so please read the information carefully on Steam.

For the non-Steam version, I haven’t finished to notarize them, but they should work in Catalina until end of this year (since the notarize is mandatory start from next year). Only the non-Steam version of East Tower, duplicity and CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ might not working yet with Mac Catalina as they are quite old and I haven’t touched them for a while (kind of confused though, do people still use them?)

How to Take Off Your Mask iOS ver. now supports Russian!

The review has finished and now it’s available on Appstore!


How to Take Off Your Mask 40% OFF Sale on Steam!

Don’t forget to get the first game within this Eroolia series!


Eroolia Series Website Update

The website is now responsive and can be viewed better on smartphone.
In a near future I plan to update other games’ sites in a similar format too.



I never thought this year will end in just couple of months without I finished any other game T_T There are so many technology support, learning new engine, fixing website, preparation to start selling merchandise and others.
I’m trying to update more info on my patreon ( though I must admit I’m very slow and it’s mostly about business experience T_T since well… that’s mostly what I’ve done lately T_T

There are still updates to come that I haven’t finished yet.

  • Google Play 64 bit supported apps-all apps must be rebuilt and the in app purchase needs to be re-code.
  • Roseverte Store updates.
  • How to Fool a Liar King French version.
  • Catalina support for non Steam games. Considering to only sell at itchio and steam.
  • Other games website update.
  • Re-coding and remake some assets for 3 games for hidden projects.
  • Remake a game from scratch for other hidden project.
  • Expanding business in Japan.
  • And others I can’t remember because there are too much things to do.

Last, tbh I never thought this year would be the year of “learning”, either the programming, business and others. I hoped to be more productive but maybe a year like this is necessary as well. Though it’s very costly, and kokouta hasn’t break even yet ^^;;;;

About HTTOYM android extraction issue (Fixed with the newest ver.)

I’ve been receiving many claims saying that people can’t extract HTTOYM Android ver well.

At first, I thought it’s a device spec issue, since it works well on my Nexus 5 and Sony Tablet (first type) device.
But then today after I bought a new cellphone, replacing my broken Nexus 5, I notice that this might not a simply device issue. I couldn’t extract the obb expansion file, even if this cellphone has better spec than my old sony tablet.

I don’t know what’s actually caused the issue, but I suspected it’s because of the google library default extraction system, which is used by lemonovel, the engine I used to make HTTOYM. I heard that before there was an issue where extraction using that code won’t work well in Turk’s language device.
The new cellphone I bought is the Chinese brand Oppo, so I suspect it might be a language or chip related issue I don’t know.
I tried to download East Tower too, which is using a costumed code I made to download & extraction, but this one works well. (The file size is about the same with HTTOYM)
As far I notice people reported this issue happened in some of Galaxy phones and other.

But then since it’s an engine side issue, I can’t do anything without the consent from the maker.

For now, I will let you know a workaround to play the game on your cellphone.

  1. Get an explorer app. I recommend this one:
  2. Go to android/obb/ folder and make sure you see the obb file there like this:
  3. Long press the obb file, and choose Copy, paste it there (using the bottom icon) so you have 2 obb files like this:
  4. Long press the new obb file, Rename it to a zip file (simply change the “obb” to “zip”)
  5. Tap the new zip file and agree to decompress it, it will make a new folder after it’s done.
  6. Long press the new folder, and choose to rename it to “files”
  7. Long press the files and choose to copy the files folder.
    Go back to the Android folder, but now open the data folder, not the obb one.
    Find the folder called (Android/data/
    Inside you will file two files like this:
  8. Choose the bottom paste icon, and choose to Overwrite All . This way you will have the same files folder like the one inside the obb folder.
  9. Delete the zip and files folder inside the obb folder (not the data folder)
    Don’t delete the obb file inside the obb folder.
  10. The game should play well.

I know it sounds messy, but this is the best solution I find as far. I will need to discuss this with the engine maker again before I could find a better solution in future.


About East Tower

I saw a lot of comments which say East Tower’s main character, Sakuya is a transgender.

She is not :/

The theme of this game is more about, how to accept your true self.

The MC, Sakuya is born in an old fashioned Asian family.
It’s a family which think that a girl should speak using “watashi”, should wear dress, should be able to cook etc.
That kind of family might be rare now, but it is not completely disappeared.
If you want more extreme examples; there is still family which says that a wife is obligated to wake up earlier before her husband to prepare the breakfast, or need to wake up earlier than her mother in law. Or father who said that a  girl need to be able to take care of the housework because she must be a housewife in a future.
I’ve heard many stories like that; and many said that she wished to be born as a man.
Sakuya, is someone like them.

So why is she dressing like a man?
It’s comfortable to her, and beside that she wants to show a rebellion towards that custom. A kind of her stupid ego.

She choose to transform into a man in East Tower, only because she is curious and wants to know how will she feel if she looks like that.
It’s a game after all, you even can be an animal or others if you want to 😀

“She is a tomboy but then she turns into a feminine after she falls in love.”
She only tried to be more honest to herself :/

[spoiler title=”Spoiler” open=”0″ style=”1″] In Akio: She stops her stupid ego and chooses to put a slight make-up, like what she wanted to.
In Takashi: It seems she has already been awesome to him from the beginning, and she simply decided to change her fashion to cute boyish fashion.
In Kuon: She doesn’t really change. But she also doesn’t hide what she really wants.
In Kurenai: No, I won’t tell you LOL[/spoiler]

I wrote this just to clarify some misunderstanding :/

Which one do you like best?


It’s been a while and I wonder if you can help me by filling in the poll below.

Which one of the games below do you like best?

  • dUpLicity~Beyond the Lies~ (0%, 0 Votes)
  • CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ (0%, 0 Votes)
  • East Tower (0%, 0 Votes)
  • CAFE 0 ~The Sleeping Beast~ (0%, 0 Votes)
  • How to Fool a Liar King (0%, 0 Votes)
  • (0%, 0 Votes)
  • (0%, 0 Votes)
  • How to Take Off Your Mask (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 71

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About the newest development info.

Hi again. Sorry for not updating the blog for a quite long time.

Well, actually I really hoped to not make this post but, I think I need to let you know what happen about my current situation.

People who has been following my tumblr might have already noticed this, but I’m currently stuck in Kyoto, Japan, without my main computer because an accident happened to my dad at March 28th, which made him completely paralyzed. My mom can’t speak Japanese well so I’ve been here since then to take care of paper works and translating the doctor’s explanation.
My dad is much better now. He once also got pneumonia as a complication to the surgery but it’s already cured.
Now he needs to concentrate to the rehabilitation until the beginning of August, which means I’ll still be here until then.

This situation kinda messed up my former plans. Things that are delayed:
1. East Tower affiliates (I’m trying to use my old backup, and if it’s possible I might start it at June)
2. East Tower Japanese version (Win/Mac) (I won’t be able to continue making this until August)
3. Production of the new Cafe 0 (I can only start designing the game for now, but the composer has finished making a draft song for the game OP.)

I also plan to make a short cute fantasy romance visual novel (otome game), but I won’t draw the characters (currently I ask Bakufu to design it), but I might design the clothes.
This otome game is a new try for me, since usually I made everything myself. I did this because in future, if my dad ask me to help him, I might not be able to make VN full-time like now.
If could, I hope to draw the BG myself, but if I have not enough time, I might use some BG materials.
I really hope everything to run smoothly.

Thank you again for your attention, and I’m sorry for all of the delays.




East Tower – Kurenai and East Tower Complete Edition are now released!

I’m sorry that I’ve been absent from this blog for a while 🙁
I’ve been busy in developing and testing the game, and when I thought that… I need to write something here, I already lost my energy LMAO

Anyway, finally the last part of East Tower is done! But for MAC and WIN only ^^;

Like what I’ve mentioned before, in this route you’ll be able to determine what the main character will be at the end based on your choices. The game is pretty long. Maybe 6-10 hours in my estimation. And… compare to the other three, this version is the most “wild” in suggestive meaning SWT.

The summary for Kurenai route is as below:
A dazzling light appeared as soon as the game started, and before she realized it, the other participants disappeared. However, she wasn’t alone. The redheaded man who should’ve disappeared as well stood before her. He initially seemed kind of strange, but ultimately they decided to move on together. Who is he? Is he the hacker, the one who has been causing trouble for everyone? Find out the truth about East Tower!

Opening 2:

I never thought that I would spend 2 years to make this game -.- While debugging I realized that my drawing style is pretty changed and sometime I can’t resist my desire to fix and fix it again… but it will make the game won’t be finished eternally T-T

Anyway, for iOS and Android version, please wait for a while until I can make the mobile version.

I need to redo some code, since animation files won’t work on mobile. Also, there are some mobile only bugs which made me need to test all of the version (Jap, English, ios, Android), and if I need around 10 hours to test 1 version, it means I will need 40 hours to test all of these ><

I’m so sorry but I want to make sure everything is fine before I release the game.

Just couple weeks again! Please wait it patiently! 🙂

About Android Issues

Okay, guys and girls, if you have bought any of roseVeRte apps on Android and got a glitch or crash or anything during playing, please send an email to support(at)
*change (at) to @

You might find option from Android to report the issue or something like that, but I can’t understand the issue reported by Android, since it gives me report in native java language which I don’t understand T-T and also, it doesn’t give me any information about you so I can’t reply to you directly.

Like some of you might already know, I build the game using Adobe Air and I’m clueless about the native language of Java (Android) or XCode (iOS). I can help you more if you tell me the game title, and how did you meet the issue. The issue you found might only occur on your device (as Android has too many kind of devices with each unique specs). Also, it might happen because of a corrupted save data, which means to fix it I need you to delete one or all of your save data inside your sdcard or internal memory.

As far I have 3 android devices, which one of them is not appropriate for my game because of the low specs. I’ll try to help you as far as I could do, but I need the actual information from you to fix it. I hope for your cooperation and thank you 🙂

This week schedule

And again here I am again. Wow it’s already October>< I’ m sorry for not updating this blog frequently.

Okay, so what am I doing. I’m preparing PC version for east tower – takashi and hopefully it will be released at the end of this week. Also for the long long East Tower- Kurenai, my Japanese proofreader has finished it ^^ so I can start making the script for the VAs.

I’m kinda afraid actually since i heard apple will reject apps with ermmm kissing voice which is kinda like “licking” something >< I feel this route will have things like that since I made it too… well you know :p

Like what I said before, there are 1 normal bad ending, 1 normal ending 2 harem ending(not really a good ending) and 4 true ending(depends on main character’s gender and personality, aggressive or passive)

… I hope I can finish this within this year. I hope and I try ><

now please excuse me to start to make the daihon for the vas ><


jaa ne (・ω・)ノシ

Making voiced game is not sth simple.

Some people has complained me, saying my game is too expensive even though it is voiced. Okay let me explain in now how “voices” will make the work more complicated than an unvoiced game.

See, to make a game we will have the scenario (of course).
Let me show you the screen caps of my scenario (in Japanese, already being proofread)



I can’t just give this to the Voice Actor to read. First I need to make an excel file of this like:



yep. I need to write down the voice code, and comment, to make them know what is the situation when the characters are speaking. But again, this is not the script I need to give to the voice actors. I need to make it show vertical! Japanese are used to read vertical scripts, and most of the VAs I used asked me to write it that way. Remember Japanese comic? they are all written vertically. I need to convert it to:




Yes. this one is pdf, and what I gave to Misaki VA.Well I bet all developers have their own style to make the final script, so it might be differ each other.

So, is this finished? No.

after I gave this final script to the VA, they will send me the voice data in like 1-2 weeks. and then I need to check them. cut the voice per dialogue, and delete some part which they recorded their breath too loud (like ighhhh when they took breath between words), and then check. Since some VA read the dialogue wrongly ^^;;; like “oishiii”(long i) and “oishi” is different. Also some kanji have 2 way of reading. 「何百面相」can be nanbyaku mensou, or nani, hyakumensou. *dies and sometime I have no choice to ask them retake the voice. Not mentioning the noise. Yes, I need to clean the data from noise too! ^^;;

And then lastly debugging. I need to make sure I’ve put the right voice on the right dialogue. Yes that was a long progress to do ^^;;;

Happy New Year! (^ω^)

…thought it’s not really a new year anymore orz. Sorry for being too late. Too many things happened at Christmas and New Year.

I lost my iPhone at Christmas Eve at Malaysia’s taxi or airport (I’m not sure which one) so my earlier days on this new year were full of panic. I need to get a new iDevice first before I can make Kuon route. orz. Also it was a great rain when I attended the winter comiket last year. Full of people, yes. And too many bellongings orz. Thanks to some VAs, I finally managed to bring my stuff there and home safely (yeah they helped me to sell the stuffs there).

About comiket, seriously I was surprised. There are too many people (of course) but more than that, people close their table much much faster than any other cons I have ever attended. Comiket is just 1 day (it was 3 days long, but different circles will attend on each days), 10am to 4 pm. But then many circles has already closed at 12, even if their games are not sold out. Then at 2pm, people surrounded my table has already started to close their table too. TOO FAST. I mean, it’s not cheap! Just 1 day and it costs more than 100 usd! But seems that people who came from different region wanted to close the table earlier so they can go to other booth, or go to Akihabara to buy some stuffs there. I see I see… but then my table there was so lonely without any people surrounded me 🙁

anyway, The new year has already come, so I’ll start to make kuon route asap.

This route, might be darker. And actually I kinda confused how to add the comedy onto it.

Hope you’ll like this one too ^^;;;