Nightmare with Google Play

After Mac issue, Google Play? Isn’t there any good news for developer? T_T Sadly that might be the current case…


This is actually happened quite long ago but I haven’t done anything to fix it yet as it’s pretty complicated.

64bit app issue is actually pretty old, but it seems the new issue is different with the older one. To support Android Q, Google asked developer to make the app to contain the new arm binary (er forget the code), different with the older one. The problem is, if I update my current app to this version, the ANE (Plugin) to process the in app billing won’t work anymore, and~~~I will need to buy and learn the new one (from different provider since the previous ANE maker doesn’t support this update anymore.)

But this is not all. Google did ask us to update the app to match Android Q requirement (it doesn’t mean the current app can’t be played on Android Q, but they want to remove all app which doesn’t match this requirement from Google Play Store), but most of Android devices actually can’t play this 64 bit type app. It’s too high-spec.
As the result, now developer need to upload at least 2 types of apps to Google Play store for one title, the older version which supports earlier version of Android OS and the newest one which only can be played on Android Q and other 64 bit supported devices.
Basically: Double Works.

Luckily, Google Play has let us to finish this until next year deadline. So there’s still time to learn about the new plugin and others…


Sooo isn’t it just youtube?

Yes, even I myself would never think youtube will give me such issue orz.

The nightmare started with the notification from Google, asking us to remove ads from the google promo video (it’s youtube video), or the promo video will be removed from Google Play Store.

The issue is, I did monetize my older video, but all the ads now have been removed due to Youtube new rule, which mentions only channel with more than 1000 subscribers can have ads. But, it seems youtube system still detects this video which doesn’t have ads anymore as “video with ads” and Google play support can’t do anything beside telling me to ask youtube about it.



Basically I only can write down on a community forum, andddd no one would answer it of course.

…okay it’s easier to reupload the video as a new video! Google Play also suggested this! Except….

“Your video has been uploaded previously, therefore this one can’t be proceeded. “ — Youtube

…the moment I saw that error message on youtube, I just feel… hopeless….. just…why? This is so absurd T_T

Maybe the only thing I can do is edit the video, like adding a blank frame at the end or something, changing the file name and try to reupload it again. But… this would give me more hassle, so probably I’ll simply delay this matter for now.

*Just hope there would be less issue for developer from now on.

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