End of Comitia 100 and the new game, East Tower.

And then Comitia 100 has ended. The sales are… well not as good as what I’ve predicted, but not really bad as my first Japanese event experience. I met some people, interesting ones, which gave me more information about the doujin market in Japan.

Then, about my newest game, East Tower. I’ve finished the sprites and Japanese scenarios. I planned to make this fully voiced, and that’s why I made the scenario in Japanese first. But then, another problem occurred. The android file size. Android has 50MB file size max to its app. Of course, now you can use the obb file (extension files) now, but the problem is, my programming level is not high enough to use it SWT. So, maybe I’ll make it half-voiced, which means, only some events will be voiced. I might make the full version which is fully voiced for PC later, though, I’m still not so sure if I will do it or not. The android one, like what I said before, will be parted for each character route.

Last, for all consumers, please be patient to wait my reply. I’m sick now, and maybe I will need more time to reply the emails you’ve sent to me. Seems I’ve been in hikkikomori mode too much, which makes me don’t have enough power to travel so long like what I did last week.

Thank you for everything, and I’ll try to update the game’s information asap.