How to Sing to Open Your Heart – Dev Blog 2

Hi again 😘
This time I want to talk more about the first route, the “Independent Route” within the game.

💖Current Progress💖

All finished beside things below:
Programming: 85%
Cut Scenes: 70%
CGs: 70%
Alpha Test: 63%
In-game Movie: 0%
Beta Test: 0%
English Version Programming: 5%
Voice: 90% (stuff to retake only)

💖Independent Route💖

Independent Route is one of the two available routes.
Basically Myana will choose to act alone to achieve her goal within this route.
The story will focus more in the mental struggle, conflicts within Myana and Ludovic, and their resolutions.

💖Ludovic Past💖

Like what you saw on the PV and Demo, Ludovic is not friendly towards luccretias.
There’s something in his past which is the reason of his behavior, which cause conflict in his self about his current actions and choices.
You will find more about it in this route.

💖The Enemy HQ💖

This place might be familiar to whom who has played How to Take Off Your Mask. It’s not the same place but it’s a place nearby with similar atmosphere.
You’ll see more about this place in this route.


In Independent Route, Myana’s guard position will be replaced from Leona to Simon. You will also see Simon in his human form, and find more about his secret.

Don’t forget to try the demo here:

And the previous games here:

How to Sing to Open Your Heart – Demo and OP Movie is now released!

How to Sing to Open Your Heart (kokouta)’s demo is now released for Win/ Mac!


Itch io:



Demo length is around 30 minutes, and contains the prologue chapter, with 2 bonus chapters for each Independent and Teamwork routes.

Some new characters like Ludovic and Anna, Juli’s sister, will appear as well, beside those you might know previously from How to Fool a Liar King or How to Take Off Your Mask.

The main game itself is scheduled to be released at January 17th, 2019.


Don’t forget to check the Opening Movie!

How to Sing to Open Your Heart – Dev Blog 1

Hi. It’s been a while since the last update, and I decide to write the development blog of “How to Sing to Open Your Heart (Kokouta)” here, to inform you more about the upcoming game.


💖About Main Game Release💖

First, I’m very sorry that I couldn’t release the game within this year, as what I previously planned. The new release date would be 2019 January 17th.

💖About Demo Release💖

I’m doing my best in polishing the demo now, and if there’s no further issue happened, the demo should be release at November 15th, which means within this month! At this moment, only the opening movie left to finish the demo.

💖Current Progress💖

Scenario (Japanese & English) : 100%
Art: All beside the CGs and some cut scenes.
Movie: OP Movie 80% Additional in-game movie 0%
Voices: 90% (All finished beside stuff to retakes)
Programming: 42%
Theme Song: 100%

💖New Costumes💖

There will be several new costumes for the characters.
Myana will get 2 additional costumes, while Lilia and Lio one.
Other characters might also get additional costume later depends on the situation they are.

💖 I hope you’ll like it! 💖