Making voiced game is not sth simple.

Some people has complained me, saying my game is too expensive even though it is voiced. Okay let me explain in now how “voices” will make the work more complicated than an unvoiced game.

See, to make a game we will have the scenario (of course).
Let me show you the screen caps of my scenario (in Japanese, already being proofread)



I can’t just give this to the Voice Actor to read. First I need to make an excel file of this like:



yep. I need to write down the voice code, and comment, to make them know what is the situation when the characters are speaking. But again, this is not the script I need to give to the voice actors. I need to make it show vertical! Japanese are used to read vertical scripts, and most of the VAs I used asked me to write it that way. Remember Japanese comic? they are all written vertically. I need to convert it to:




Yes. this one is pdf, and what I gave to Misaki VA.Well I bet all developers have their own style to make the final script, so it might be differ each other.

So, is this finished? No.

after I gave this final script to the VA, they will send me the voice data in like 1-2 weeks. and then I need to check them. cut the voice per dialogue, and delete some part which they recorded their breath too loud (like ighhhh when they took breath between words), and then check. Since some VA read the dialogue wrongly ^^;;; like “oishiii”(long i) and “oishi” is different. Also some kanji have 2 way of reading. 「何百面相」can be nanbyaku mensou, or nani, hyakumensou. *dies and sometime I have no choice to ask them retake the voice. Not mentioning the noise. Yes, I need to clean the data from noise too! ^^;;

And then lastly debugging. I need to make sure I’ve put the right voice on the right dialogue. Yes that was a long progress to do ^^;;;