About Android Issues

Okay, guys and girls, if you have bought any of roseVeRte apps on Android and got a glitch or crash or anything during playing, please send an email to support(at)roseverte.net
*change (at) to @

You might find option from Android to report the issue or something like that, but I can’t understand the issue reported by Android, since it gives me report in native java language which I don’t understand T-T and also, it doesn’t give me any information about you so I can’t reply to you directly.

Like some of you might already know, I build the game using Adobe Air and I’m clueless about the native language of Java (Android) or XCode (iOS). I can help you more if you tell me the game title, and how did you meet the issue. The issue you found might only occur on your device (as Android has too many kind of devices with each unique specs). Also, it might happen because of a corrupted save data, which means to fix it I need you to delete one or all of your save data inside your sdcard or internal memory.

As far I have 3 android devices, which one of them is not appropriate for my game because of the low specs. I’ll try to help you as far as I could do, but I need the actual information from you to fix it. I hope for your cooperation and thank you 🙂