Happy New Year! (^ω^)

…thought it’s not really a new year anymore orz. Sorry for being too late. Too many things happened at Christmas and New Year.

I lost my iPhone at Christmas Eve at Malaysia’s taxi or airport (I’m not sure which one) so my earlier days on this new year were full of panic. I need to get a new iDevice first before I can make Kuon route. orz. Also it was a great rain when I attended the winter comiket last year. Full of people, yes. And too many bellongings orz. Thanks to some VAs, I finally managed to bring my stuff there and home safely (yeah they helped me to sell the stuffs there).

About comiket, seriously I was surprised. There are too many people (of course) but more than that, people close their table much much faster than any other cons I have ever attended. Comiket is just 1 day (it was 3 days long, but different circles will attend on each days), 10am to 4 pm. But then many circles has already closed at 12, even if their games are not sold out. Then at 2pm, people surrounded my table has already started to close their table too. TOO FAST. I mean, it’s not cheap! Just 1 day and it costs more than 100 usd! But seems that people who came from different region wanted to close the table earlier so they can go to other booth, or go to Akihabara to buy some stuffs there. I see I see… but then my table there was so lonely without any people surrounded me 🙁

anyway, The new year has already come, so I’ll start to make kuon route asap.

This route, might be darker. And actually I kinda confused how to add the comedy onto it.

Hope you’ll like this one too ^^;;;

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