This week schedule

And again here I am again. Wow it’s already October>< I’ m sorry for not updating this blog frequently.

Okay, so what am I doing. I’m preparing PC version for east tower – takashi and hopefully it will be released at the end of this week. Also for the long long East Tower- Kurenai, my Japanese proofreader has finished it ^^ so I can start making the script for the VAs.

I’m kinda afraid actually since i heard apple will reject apps with ermmm kissing voice which is kinda like “licking” something >< I feel this route will have things like that since I made it too… well you know :p

Like what I said before, there are 1 normal bad ending, 1 normal ending 2 harem ending(not really a good ending) and 4 true ending(depends on main character’s gender and personality, aggressive or passive)

… I hope I can finish this within this year. I hope and I try ><

now please excuse me to start to make the daihon for the vas ><


jaa ne (・ω・)ノシ