East Tower updated!

It’s pretty much done. Maybe  I will submit it to apple tomorrow since it’s already too late today.

I don’t know how long Apple will examine my apps, but it seems to be around 5 work days.
I’ll try to set July 18 for the release date, but it’s all up to Apple. Anyway, the game itself will be 5.99 usd, and the demo will be free.
Akio Route only, since I haven’t finished other character’s route.

What I can say about Akio route, is that this game is like an introduction about the world of East Tower. There are some episodes where Akio is confused with his feeling, since he thought the main character is a man.

You might be confused with this game genre. But yeah. this is a mystery comedy otome…. how do I suppose to say that??? swt
I guess you’d better to try it yourself to understand. Seriously I hardly find any words to describe it ^^;;;

Also, I got so many questions asking if the game will be available on PC too or not, also, android.

Okay I did a test. The game is working fine on PC, Mac, Android, ipad, iphone. But!!!!

It will look shaggy aka the flash effect happened because of the difference of resolution>> for android tablet, ipad and android phone

For PC and Mac, I will need to recode some menu, since I disabled the full screen feature (you won’t need it for iOS). And also, it’s too short if I need to sell separately for PC an Mac.

So the conclusion is, the game will be available for iPhone/iPod touch next week ( if there’s no problem with Apple side), hopefully.




Some news about what happened lately :3

It’s been a while since the last time I renewed my blog. I’m sorry. Too many things happened lately that beyond my prediction.

It’s a weird 2 months seriously. I never thought I will go to Japan repeatedly many times like this LMAO. Anyway, I managed to ask Toranoana in Japan to sell Cafe and dupli, also I meet some seiyuu I knew from twitter and bakufu there. It’s hella fun (★ω★) and so LOL hahahaha! I also went to butler and seiyuu cafe, but I won’t tell more about them here.

Anyway, about East Tower, it’s pretty smooth so far. I just need 1 more CG to finish the game, probably will start the test from tom. Also, Google has approved my acc fine, so I can release on Android as well. Too bad I made it on iOS  resolution (960×640) which means I need to change some image and menu to fit it on Android (800×480) so yeah… Android might need to wait until the iOS ver is done.


Hope you like it~~