About HTTOYM android extraction issue (Fixed with the newest ver.)

I’ve been receiving many claims saying that people can’t extract HTTOYM Android ver well.

At first, I thought it’s a device spec issue, since it works well on my Nexus 5 and Sony Tablet (first type) device.
But then today after I bought a new cellphone, replacing my broken Nexus 5, I notice that this might not a simply device issue. I couldn’t extract the obb expansion file, even if this cellphone has better spec than my old sony tablet.

I don’t know what’s actually caused the issue, but I suspected it’s because of the google library default extraction system, which is used by lemonovel, the engine I used to make HTTOYM. I heard that before there was an issue where extraction using that code won’t work well in Turk’s language device.
The new cellphone I bought is the Chinese brand Oppo, so I suspect it might be a language or chip related issue I don’t know.
I tried to download East Tower too, which is using a costumed code I made to download & extraction, but this one works well. (The file size is about the same with HTTOYM)
As far I notice people reported this issue happened in some of Galaxy phones and other.

But then since it’s an engine side issue, I can’t do anything without the consent from the maker.

For now, I will let you know a workaround to play the game on your cellphone.

  1. Get an explorer app. I recommend this one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ftpcafe.explorer.standard
  2. Go to android/obb/air.net.roseverte.httoym.en folder and make sure you see the obb file there like this:
  3. Long press the obb file, and choose Copy, paste it there (using the bottom icon) so you have 2 obb files like this:
  4. Long press the new obb file, Rename it to a zip file (simply change the “obb” to “zip”)
  5. Tap the new zip file and agree to decompress it, it will make a new folder after it’s done.
  6. Long press the new folder, and choose to rename it to “files”
  7. Long press the files and choose to copy the files folder.
    Go back to the Android folder, but now open the data folder, not the obb one.
    Find the folder called air.net.roseverte.httoym.en (Android/data/air.net.roseverte.httoym.en)
    Inside you will file two files like this:
  8. Choose the bottom paste icon, and choose to Overwrite All . This way you will have the same files folder like the one inside the obb folder.
  9. Delete the zip and files folder inside the obb folder (not the data folder)
    Don’t delete the obb file inside the obb folder.
  10. The game should play well.

I know it sounds messy, but this is the best solution I find as far. I will need to discuss this with the engine maker again before I could find a better solution in future.