Most of Roseverte games are using an activation system and has an installation limit.

Q: What kind of activation system?

When you start the game after finishing the download and the installation for the first time, you will see a screen which tells you to write down your purchasing email. Write it down and press OK to start activation. You need to be connected to the internet during this process.
The game will start a moment after the activation has finished.
You won't see the activation screen anymore even if you restart the game, and you can play it without being connected to the internet.
Reactivation won't be needed if there is no special case.

Q: How do you limit the installation?
One email address can be used to activate the game on a maximum of 3 computers. The activated computer's id will be registered in our database.
You can install the same game 10 times on the same computer.
If you want to install the game on a fourth computer, you will need to have the formerly registered computer removed from our database.
To do this, please fill in the form here.
After you have activated the game on the fourth computer, you can't reactivate the game on the computer you've unregistered.

Q: I don't want to undergo the activation or installation limit.
Please use the Steam version.
You can also get a Steam Key to play on Steam if you've purchased the official site version. To get this, please email us here.
The Steam version release date might be different with the official site version.

Q: What is Steam?
The largest game portal site.
You need to install the Steam client, and the game will be executed from it.
You can install the game many times from this client.
Different with the official site's version, the Steam version will have achievements, trading cards and more.

Please contact if you have any other questions.

About let's play video
You're free to stream the video with condition as below:
- You need to insert your original content, such as voice, images, and others in your video, instead of simply playing the game. There must be something that makes your video different with the original game content.
- Please add the link to ios/ google play/ steam/ official site in your video description.
- For spoiler heavy games such as CAFE 0 games, you're free to stream until chapter 2 or day 2. Please ask Roseverte permission first to stream further than that.

About the opening movie

Roseverte does not allow people to upload the opening movie only (posting the video as part of LP is fine).
If you want to upload the opening movie with your singing voice, you are allowed to, but please credit the official site url and the original composer.

Check here for further details.

I'm sorry but it is not possible. The original game will still exist on your store's library and playable until the last OS it supports. The original game on mobile will not have any further update as the development engine is deprecated.

Try to use the play button on store's client app if launching on Mac is failed.

The engine which is used to make some of the original version games are deprecated. Please use the remastered ones.
East Tower will not be remastered, as the remastering progress will take too long, considering the length.
The game will still be playable on PC, but the mobile version might be deprecated in future when the stores (Google etc. Apple can update the app itself, so it's mantainable) upgrade their SDK.


Please fill in the form below to contact Roseverte regarding any issues within the game.

*Generally I will response in a few hours~ a day, I will only take longer if there's any personal issue. If you don't get the answer for quite a long time, please poke me on social media (Facebook/ Twitter/ Discord, check on footer) since it might be because of email issue. Or you can try the inquiry email form.


Roseverte is welcoming anyone who'd like to translate the game to their local language with the condition as below:

  1. PAYMENT - Payment is 30% of your language version's net sales (after get cut by comission or tax). For Steam, you will get 30% of the developer share (after being cut by Steam comission) of the country sales to which language you're translating. So for example if you're translating the game to language A, you will be paid 30% of the net sales (usually 70% from the actual sales) from country A or A version of the game. Transfer method is Paypal/Payoneer/Local Bank(Transferwise).
    You won't get any percentage from the bundle sales (Fanatical, etc.), because in bundle sales I can't check where the purchasers are coming from.
  2. FORMAT - Depends on the engine, the text which is given to you to translate might be mixed with some programming words. Though, I can help you to tell which part needs to get translated.
  3. BETA TEST - You also need to test the game after the translation done. Sometime there are some sentences that might not be appropriated to show in some scenes and people won't notice it without playing. Also, there might be some words that forget to get translated, also the translation didn't show fully because of the limited space on the screen.
  4. APPLICATION TEST - Before translating the full version, you will be tested by translating the demo of the game, to find out your dedication to the project, and to find out if you are able to work with the method I need to. 
  5. CONTACT - You must provide email or chat ID, which can be reached easily. If you can't be contacted in a week or two, I might consider other translator who might offer a help to translate the game.
  6. ADDITIONAL TRANSLATION - You will also need to translate any additional information, such as store description or achievements for free.
  7. DEAL - The payment might be considered low to some people, because visual novel is a niche genre, and might not sell as good as others. Still, what I offer for the payment is the best I could do. If you dissatisfy with the amount, please don't offer to translate, as I myself don't earn quite much from the games.
  8. DEADLINE - Even if you haven't finished the translation, it's preferable if you can send email to notify me until which part you have finished, at least once a month. Usually I won't give you any strict deadline, but if there's no progress on your translation in 6 months, no contact, and another translator appear to offer translation service for the same game, I will consider to use the new translator's service. Please do not delay the translation progress for years and forbid anyone else to do the project. It's the same with forbidding the translation version to be released.

Please contact Roseverte here to offer your translation help if you agree with the conditions above.

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