Sakuya Morita

(Name is Changable)

A girl who has always wished to be born as a boy.
When she was young, she failed from saving a little boy from his kidnapper. This incident made her wish to be a strong man whom everyone can rely on.
She hates to dress like a girl, because she thinks it made her look like a wimp.
She transforms into a boy inside the virtual theme park.


VA: Taichi Tanukida/Eruru Takeda (Child Form)

One of the sponsor's son, and a representative of his father's company.
He is cold and taciturn.
Everyone treats him well just to please his parents.
He hardly trusts anyone besides his himself.

Child Form


VA: Souta Higurashi

He is the younger brother of the Dream World's manager.
He is cheerful and optimistic.
He deeply admires his sister, and always wants to be someone like her.


VA: Lerage

One of the sponsor's son.
A shy boy who looks younger than his actual age.
He always worries about everything, and gets nervous easily.


VA: Sakato

A man with a body full of tattoos and piercings.
He appears inside the virtual world as one of the participants, and chooses to act on his own.

Daiki Morita

VA: Yuya Kakitsubata

Sakuya's cousin, who is also the person in charge of the new attractions, East and West Tower. He sees Sakuya as his own sister, and wishes for her to act like every other girls. 

Yoshimi Yasuda

VA: misaki

The manager of the virtual theme park, Dream World.
She is disciplined and reliable - an ideal superior.


Takashi Yasuda - Jun Haruki
Mysterious Boy - Mitsuki Touzaki



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