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Release Date: October 4th Rated: 15+
Display Mode: 640x480  Voice: None
Total Endings: 7
After everything ended, there was a new beginning...

Yukina is a normal 17-year-old girl.
She lives a seemingly ordinary life with her boyfriend, Youji, beside her.
But just like anyone else, she also has a secret.
A deep secretc down in the underground labc

cYoufre a liarc                   
          cBut I guess I am, tooc
So what exactly is the truth?
Is there even a genuine gtruthh in this world?

Everything began 10 years agoc
In the chilly winterc when I lost everything I lovedc
Play hours: assumed 1 hours for each character's route.
System: choose one of the choices to continue to the next story. (There's no mini game implemented)

Explanation for each route:
Youji's Route > This is the most common route. There's no  sex appeal and made with a concept so you can play it easy.
Kouichi's Route >  More complex and serious than Youji's Route. We targeted this route for the older audience.

The story itself is not completely finished yet.
This is our first game, and we planned to make the shareware version that will be distributed through online download, depends on the market reaction.

Thank you.

Walkthrough: (Please highlight the text below to read)

*Youji Route*
He's cool, like always
Ah, no prob. I trust you, Youji.
Chase the dog.
Follow him (#Save 1)
What do you mean? | Liar!!! (BAD ED2)
But your wound... (Youji End ED4) | No, Kouichi sama... (BAD ED3)

*Kouichi Route*
Finally he's come back!!!
I hope this is the last time they interfere with us
Let the dog go (#Save 2)
Wait for Kouichi sama | Go back first (BAD ED1)
Asking about the previous kiss
Follow them | Let them go (BAD ED5)
Not leaving this place (Kouichi End ED7) |  Go to leave with Youji (BAD ED6)

Yukina Kudou
(name is unchangeable)

A 17-year-old student at Serizawa Gakuen. She acts sweetly to her boyfriend, Youji. But itfs all an act.
She is actually a cold girl who will do anything requested of her.

Youji Kataoka

A scholarship student at Serizawa Gakuen.
2 years ago, he was in a car accident that resulted in the loss of his family and his memories.
Kouichi Serizawa

The principal of Serizawa Gakuen.
He is also a renowned scientist in the scientific world.
He seems to have some sort of connection to Yukina and Youjic
dUpLicitY ~Eternal Lie~v1.4(fixed ver)

If your game crashes, please check your non-unicode program's settings.
Check the setting on Control Panel>Regional and Language Options> Advanced tab, then change the non-unicode program to Japanese.

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