We don't accept any request to refund if the reason is simply because you dislike the game after buying.

If you find out any issues within the game, please send us email to support (at) roseverte.net* with the required datas below:
*Please change (at) to @
Game Title:
Your OS Type: (Win XP/Vista/7/Mac)
Issues found: (Please write in details, including how to reproduce it.)
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* Red text appear and game stopped or some characters not appeared on Android. Or extracting took hours (How to Take Off Your Mask)(Should be fixed in newest version)
    This issue is caused because of the lack of memory (usuall caused by too many apps working on background. It's not related with the device spec) when the extraction is done. Android will automatically skip the unfinished extraction and as the result some of the game initial data are not installed correctly. 
    To solve this please restart your device to free some memory, and reinstall the game. You won't be charged twice once you bought the game.
    Extraction usually takes few minutes, and if it takes longer than that it means you might get this issue.

For Advanced User
    Sometime the method above won't solve the issue on some devices. Please download explorer apps from Google Play and check the folder:
    1. Android/obb/air.net.roseverte.httoym.en/ > you should find the obb files called main.(version code).air.roseverte.httoym.en.obb
    2. Android/data/air.net.roseverte.httoym.en/ > inside there is a folder called "files" and "saves". "saves" is your save data.
    Basically, the file "main.(version code).air.roseverte.httoym.en.obb" need to be extracted into the "files" folder to make the game works smoothly. By default, this obb file should be deleted automatically after the extraction finished, so if you got issue with the extraction, you might still find the file there.

    The RAM issue above is happened during the extraction. If restart+reinstall didn't solve your issue, perhaps it's because the download progress took too long, and when the extraction started, some background apps has started running again and made the extraction failed.
    There are 2 methods to solve this:
    1. Delete the "files" folder inside Android/data/air.net.roseverte.httoym.en/ , restart the device and restart the app without uninstalling it. If you have the obb file inside the folder "Android/obb/air.net.roseverte.httoym.en/",  it should start the extracton automatically when you restart the app before the game started.
    2. You can try to extract the file main.(version code).air.roseverte.httoym.en.obb manually, by changing the extension to zip (main.(version code).air.roseverte.httoym.en.zip) and extract it using any extraction app. After that copy paste the file into the folder "files" inside "Android/data/air.net.roseverte.httoym.en/". Please keep a backup copy of the obb file before doing this for just in case.

* Restore or double purchase issue on iOS 9.
    There is an issue where users can't restore the purchased game or get billed twice on iOS 9. This is a known issues for all apps, not only for roseVeRte apps (still happened in os 9.1). The issue is caused by the Apple server, and therefore to fix this you need to contact Apple directly (they should have contact email address on your invoice or website). Tell them about your issue, and they should be able to help you in a day or two.

* "You need to purchase to continue" issue on iOS Games.
   At the first time you purchased the game, please make sure to see the message "Purchase Succeeded" within the game (this is not Apple message).
    When you purchase the game, you might fell as if the game is crashed or freeze because only the BGM plays while there is no change at the screen after you choose to purchase. This is not an error from the game, but a lag from Apple Server. Apple will send you the message "Thank you for purchasing" after your purchase finished, and after the game confirmed it you will get the message "Purchase Succeeded".
    How to fix: If you have experienced this issue, you can simply tap at "Restore" within the Buy Screen. After the message "Restore Succeeded" the issue should be fixed. Or, you can choose to buy the game again. You won't be charged double because apple has stored your purchase information. 
    How to confirm if your purchase is succeed or not: Simply check the buy screen. The item you have purchased should be disactivated (grayed out) if your purchase is succeeded. If you still able to tap in the item you've purchased and it still shows you apple purchasing message, it means your purchase is not succeeded yet.

* Common Issues regarding extracting on Android Games.
    If your game freeze/crash during the extracting progress, it might be cause by the RAM issue. This issue could also happen on devices with high RAM. The problem is, how much RAM do you have when you're running the app. So even if you have a lot of RAM, if most of them are used by the background progress when you're extracting the game, it also can make the game crash. This issue mostly happened with game over 150 MB (like East Tower - Kurenai or How to Take Off Your Mask), since the bigger the game is, it will need more RAM to extract the files.
    How to fix: Restart your device before extracting the game. This can turn off some app and make your device to be able to use the RAM at its fullest.

* East Tower & CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~ on Android 5.0 (FIXED with the current update of Lolipop)
        I suggest you strongly to not upgrade your device to Android 5.0 Lolipop. The problems for East Tower on CAFE 0 ~ The Drowned Mermaid~ with Android 5.0 are known issues for Adobe Air apps which must be settled by Google or Adobe theirselves. There are 3 major issues I found currently for both apps:
        1. If you have both of them installed when you upgraded you device to Android 5.0, both of them will be "missing" after the upgrade, made you think that they've been uninstalled but they are not. What happened is Adobe Air apps will be hidden from screen, and since they are not completely uninstalled you won't be able to reinstall both apps from Google Play or even directly from the apk. The error code is 505. To solve this, you need to install Android SDK Manager to your PC, and uninstall the apps from your pc. You can reinstall them later from Google play. But... (see below)
        2. In app purchase won't work on Android 5.0 for Adobe Air apps. Which means, you won't be able to restore your purchase to download the additional data. It seems that Google is aware for this and trying to prepare for a fix.
        3. Last, Japanese device fonts is buggy within Android 5.0. I already prepared a fix for this by using the embedding fonts, but again I can't test if this work okay because of the other issues.
        Therefore again, I don't recommend you to upgrade to Android 5.0. 
        *dUpLicity might not get affected because it's using a different engine.

* East Tower (Android)
    1. Wrong voice file will be played in Akio/Takashi route if you bought Takashi route after buying Akio route or bought Akio route after buying Takashi route.
        There is some file name issue within east tower android which make the wrong voice file will be played if you bought east tower takashi after purchasing east tower akio and the opposite as well. To fix this, please follow the steps below:
        1. Use file manager apps or connect your device with usb cable and open Android/data/air.net.roseverte.easttower.en/ and take a backup of "saves" folder.
        2. Go to setting>application>East Tower>Clear Data (this might delete your save data as well so be sure to have a backup first)
        3. Start East Tower app, choose start>start from character's route>restore all purchase
        4. Use the file manager apps or usb cable and copy back the saves folder inside Android/data/air.net.roseverte.easttower.en/

    2. Some CGs thumbnail/ images are not displayed properly.
        There is an issue with the extracting program within East Tower ver 1.01~1.04. To fix this, you need to uninstall the app and reinstall it with v1.05. 
          If you don't want to lose your save data during the uninstallation, please do the following steps:
            1. You will need an explorer app (you can get it for free from Google Play) or USB cable to connect your Android to your PC.
            2. Find the folder "Android/data/air.net.easttower.en/files" inside your sdcard(for some devices, it might be a folder called sdcard, not really a sd card chip) and make a copy from the folder "saves" inside. 
                Place it outside the folder "air.net.easttower.en" since this folder will be deleted during uninstallation.
            3. Uninstall the app and install the new v1.05. Start the game, go to Start>input the name>Start from Character's route>restore all.
            4. After the restoring is finished, please quit the game from the title screen
                Don't use the home button to close the app temporarily since this might affect your save data.
            5. Copy the backup of "saves" folder you made at step 2 back into the folder "Android/data/air.net.easttower.en/files" inside your sdcard.
            6. You should be able to use your save data again.
            7. You can continue the game from your old saves data, but the CG you've seen might be unlocked again.

* Android Apps (Cafe 0 etc.)
    1. The game crashed suddenly, and it won't fix even if the game is restarted.
        This is happened because android will automatically shut down the app which seems to be heavy, if it needs extra memory to work. The problem is if the shut down is happened during the system file saving progress. This might corrupt the system save file, and it will make the game crash over and over again even if you try to restart. This issue is rarely happened, but if it's occured please follow the step below to fix it.
         How to fix:   You will need to delete the system save file by reinstalling the game. The system save file is used to save your game setting, and the information of which dialogues you have read. It will be done whenever you change your game setting or finish reading a sentence. You can find this system save file inside the folder Android/data/air.net.roseverte.cafe0.drowned.en/saves (sometime this folder will be placed under sdcard). The file with the name (game title)_sys.lns is the system save data. Delete this file to fix the bug.

* dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~
    1. OP Movie won't play and the game is crashed.       
        This is an issue which is caused by the pc's renderer setting.
         How to fix:   Please press on Shift button while double-clicking the game exe file to start the game. 
                             Choose "Force Software Renderer" then "Quit".
                             Double click the exe file agian to start the game (without pressing shift button this time). 
                             The movie will play normally.

    2. If you open Secret Book/Movie from Extra Menu before starting the game, you won't be able to load your save data that you made after the game started. (This bug is not occured in the demo)
    This issue occured on ver 1.5. Please update the game to ver 1.6 with the patch below.
   If you want to keep your old save data, please don't update it to ver 1.6, but please remember to restart the game after open the Secret Book/ Movie inside Extra Menu before starting any new game.

    (Don't add the patch to the demo or your demo game will be corrupted.)
    How to use the patch:
    1. Double click the exe file and choose your Installed directory. By default, it should be at C:\roseVeRte\dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~
    2. Please click "Yes to All" to overwrite the old files.
    3. Done.

* dUpLicity ~Eternal Lie~
        1. The game crashed after the intro movie ended.
            This is caused by the game engine which only supports SHIFT-JIS code. For Win XP, go to Control Panel, Region and Language, Advance, and choose Japanese for non-unicode language.

                For Vista or Windows 7, go to Control Panel, Regional and Language>Administrative>Language for non-unicode programs, and click on “Change system locale...”, then set it to Japanese.
        2. I can't get ending, 5, 6, or 7.
            This is caused by a recurring bug on versions 1.2 and 1.3. It has been fixed on version 1.4, please download the new file to play all of the endings. The save data you have for older versions can still be used in this new version.